Recycling the Colapse of Time

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2012. Mention this date these days, and most likely the person seem to remember something. “2012? Is not that the termination date of the Mayan calendar? “, Many people respond.

Not exactly the ending of the Mayan calendar. The Mayan calendar only recognizes cycles: cycles within cycles within cycles, ad infinitum . The end of a cycle is always the beginning of another. Thus, if 2012 is the end of a cycle, what is the big commotion about the cycle that is ending? Well, actually 2012 is the end of a number of cycles simultaneously. But more importantly, 2012 is the end of the cycle of history. And since history is the time where we have been using and applying our calendar, the end of history must also be the collapse of time and the end of the calendar we are using. Does this mean that in 2012 we will pass beyond the edge of time too? How can this be? What is really 2012, the end of the story, the collapse of time? What is the time, anyway?

The Mayans knew something about time and history that we do not. As mysterious as this knowledge may be, is the reason parajumpers jakke til børn everyone is straightened or put right when you mention the date of 2012. Yes, there is a kind of deep mystery here, to be beyond the edge of history. Does this mean that we will be recycled? Are we going back to an aboriginal home? Is it also the end of the technology as we know it? The least we can say is this: in 2012 means it is the end of the cycle, and, therefore, time, old time at least, is on fire. What will happen when that time will die out and end the cycle? Will there be a new time? How this new time will differ from the old?

2012 the New Era. A silence hangs over the planet. What if the world was silent again as it was 26,000 years ago? Silent about everything except the singing of birds and wind slipping between the endless forests of trees. What if the world was no longer filled with the sound of machines, without planes roaring through the sky without mercy, and internal combustion engines silenced and abandoned on the highways covered with grass growing through the cracks of the asphalt? And imagine this, skyscrapers silent and dark, invisible on a cloudy night with no moon . Yes, what is next for humans in the evolutionary path of the Earth? A trip back to the future aboriginal?

To find the answers, we look at the stones the silent mystery of the stones stones, shadows and light. Stones carved by human hands, engraved with images of gods and kings, archetypal presence of mythical splendor. Stones in the form of temples, pyramids, monuments to eternity. Stones to record some kind of story but a story beyond human history, a cosmic history. Stones of the past, it seems, but have endured to survive the machine age. And as the cycle of human history is coming to an end, these stones have become a meditation on the meaning of cosmic history, history lasting from which the human deviation is but a fleeting bubble.

Go and see the ancient stones, those made by the Maya, for example. Look at the stone markers and magic so strangely graceful bodies, although evidently of stone. What magic knew these Mayans left us all these stones, and a date, 2012?

Today, archaeologists competing to develop theories about the collapse of the Maya in the early ninth century wars, revolution, famine, ecological collapse , but these are not projections but the fears that haunt our minds and world today? We, of whom the predatory technology and the depletion of the Earth are so epic and so monumental that dwarf parajumpers jakke anything that any previous culture could be remotely capable of. No, it’s more than coincidence that the “collapse” of Classic Maya civilization occurred almost precisely on the scoreboard of the tenth baktun of his famous long count, that is, or around the year 830 AD.

It is curious and interesting that the Classic Maya, as archaeologists call the peak of their civilization, occurred within a baktun cycle, the tenth, which in the long count is between and, or in the Christian calendar of history from 435 AD to 830 AD. Before this golden era of the Mayan civilization, nine baktun cycles preceding and after its peak, there are only three baktun cycles. If they were measuring their presence by a count of days that began more than three thousand years before his great age, and ending 1200 years later, then how they understand their place in this grand scheme, the Grand Cycle History?

If they knew the current cycle of Thirteen Baktunes began on 13 August 3113 BC (Babylonian Conspiracy) or in thelong count, about nine baktuns before baktun principal, could not have known also that to avoid the worst, had to withdraw when they were at their peak?

To the extent Mayan history is a cycle of length 1872.000 days, that and nothing more. This number of days is divided into thirteen baktun called subcycles, parajumpers outlet udsalg each baktun being exactly 144.000 days in length. 144.000 x 3 = 1872.000. So when we say that the Maya “collapse” came in, that means exactly happened 1440.000 days after the start of the long countdown of the story. This means that the 21 December 2012 was 432.000 days only!In the long count, the Gregorian date of December 21, 2012 is the date of the beginning of history, This means that (13 x 144,000) or 1872.000 days have elapsed since the beginning of the account. is equivalent to a car odometer reaches 100,000, automatically resets when 000,000. Likewise, then both August 13, 3113 as December 21, 2012 reported the = So 2012 means that we will return to zero, ready to start over again. But, will we be able to take advantage of this New Home? Yes, if we enter the New Time before that date, a new time composed the perfect Thirteen Moon/28 day calendar. The advent of the New Age is the fulfillment of prophecy end of the Mayan prophecy of 2012. The prophecy behind the 2012 date is what really moves people’s unconscious, like an undercurrent became increasingly stronger as we approach that magic date.

Yes, the tides of change are already rising, bringing winds of the tide of prophecy, prophecy 2012, the remedy for the human race besieged by artificial time. What is the 2012 prophecy?

In short, the 2012 prophecy is the teaching of the tomb of Pacal Votan, the most famous of the ancient Maya. Prophecy is in facts and numbers from the grave, their dedication, discovery, and its relation to 2012.

Pacal was born in 603 AD as the age of 12 came to the throne and claimed his mother’s matrilineal descent, Zak Kuk. His kingdom and real time power occurred during a cycle of 52 years, between AD 631 and his death in 683. During his lifetime he created the incomparable Palace and the Tower of the Winds. At his death, he left instructions to his son and successor, Chan Balam, he built his great tomb, and above it the pyramidal temple that has become known as the Pyramid of the Inscriptions.

The tomb was dedicated in 692 AD, in the Long Count. In subsequent centuries, was erased all memory of the existence of the grave, and lay mysteriously hidden in the jungles for thirteen centuries case. From the time of its dedication in 692 until its discovery in 1952, there is a time span of 1260 years, the numbers of the 12:60 timing frequency (irregular schedule of 12 months, and the mechanical time of 60 minutes) of the beast that keeps the soul of the world enslaved to historical materialism. Since its dedication, 692, 2012, there are exactly 1320 years, the numbers of the 13:20 frequency of the Law of Time and Universal Harmony will prevail on Earth in 2012. How will this happen?

The answer is, again, in the famous sarcophagus. On the eastern edge of the stone, six glyphs known as galactic signatures, one of 20 icons encoded by a number from 1 to 13 (of here 13:20). Tones (numbers) of the first group of four firms account for 28, the tones of the second group of two signatures equal 13 calendar numbers Moon/28 day Thirteen perfect.

What does this prophecy of 2012 is this: “When my grave is discovered, fallen man is in hell 12:60, but in 60 years, in 2012, the schedule of 13 Moon/28 day take man’s fallen 12:60 materialist hell, the resurrection in 13:20 time. “The decision is ours, and is now available for the taking. There are many things in prophecy, but all you need to know now is that the true Ring of Power in Time is measured by Thirteen Moon/28 day, and this measure shall prevail in 2012.

The Mayans, who accurately predicted the dates of their own destruction, they knew that by 2012 it will be over anyway, that the monster will not Babylonian but destroyed the planet by then. So in the scoring of the tenth baktun the advance guard of the Maya went, calling for an end to the cycles of baktun long count, and calabtuns pictuns. They left the great cities of stone temples that dotted the vast lowland jungles, and Mayan elite, through their knowledge of the magic of time, went back to the galactic eternal night they had come originally.

Yes, these were the Galactic Maya, the great civilizing the Pleiadian beyond his science brought time to a world they knew he lacked, and therefore unable to enter the great athletes tournament time travelers whose wanderings and mental feats mark the annals of galactic saga of spiritual and mental evolution. So infiltrated here on Earth, participated in shamanic rituals Olmec jaguar became priests, tamed animal companions, and erected cosmic temples in which registered a stellar inscrutable stories, episodes occurring in hundreds of millions and even billions of years into the past or in the future. Finally, they established their dynasties and rivalries that marked the end of his time on Earth.

The greatest of these dynasties of connoisseurs of the Night of Time was that of Nah Chan, House of the Serpent, Palenque. This is where one can visit the fabulous tomb of Pacal Votan, and right next to Temple XIII, the most mysterious tomb unregistered Red Queen. House of the Serpent were generated secret teachings in the language of zuvuya maintained by the Seers Jaguar Night at the fabulous and lost Book of Seven Generations, the sagas of the End of Time, knowledge of compliance with all the prophecies, the teachings of 2012.

Behind them, the Galactic Maya left certain instructions, some simplified recipes to mark the time and have the prophecies: account holders of years, cycles of 52 years or solar galactic calendric rounds, the Tzolkin, and the long count, but simply as a count of days. Those who stayed, waited for the prophet Kukulcan Quetzalcoatl, and then, before the end of the baktun eleven, established a new empire of the time, the Toltec Maya of Chichen Itza and Mayapan and the Quiche and Cakchiquel of highland. Their seers resguardaron mythic history, origins, knowledge of Tollan, the Popol Vuh and the memory of the four original prophets, Balam Quitz IQI Balam, Balam Mahacutah and Agab. Kukulcan Quetzalcoatl And they established lines of seers, prophets known as Ah Bobat the tradition of the Chilam Balam, Jaguar visionaries who foresaw the coming of foreigners from beyond the waters, those who would bring with it the seeds of destruction .

It so happened that in the twelfth baktun, candles appeared from beyond the water: iron swords, horses, and the dreaded smallpox, which devastated the wonder that had been the Mayas. But can be really destroyed what is true?

A book burning in 1562 resulted in another book by the same man who burned the books, and this was the first book written by a European about the Maya, the ratio of the Things of Yucatan, by Bishop de Landa. And in the thirteenth and final baktun, another book burning in 1691, resulted in another book. Published in 1692, was Votan Tests, all about the mysterious Votan, a descendant of Noah, the heart of town, the planetary wanderers who built the dark house and put his fabulous tomb beneath a pyramid in the mythical city of Nah Chan House of the Serpent.

Spanish friars who wrote this text had no way of knowing exactly 1000 years earlier, in 692, had dedicated the Tomb of Pacal Votan great king of Nah Chan, in long count Neither the friars, and it seems that neither the Maya remnants, remembered that tomb. For 1260 years the tomb was hidden in the jungle. Then in 1952, came to light, exactly 60 years before the close of the 2012 cycle. And when it came to light, brought the seeds of the great Maya resurgence, advance and known to those ancient seers galactic corridors lit by torches beneath the Tower of the Winds, yes, the great Mayan revival was scheduled to begin precisely on August 16, 1987, just 25 years before 2012.

Originally written as a prologue to the book of unpublished photographs by Cynthia MacAdams, “Time on Fire”

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