20 Creative Uses for Podcasts

As most of you may should know, For Immediate Release is THE de facto public relations podcast. If you don’t listen to it, you should. Hosts Shel Holtz and Neville Hobson have inspired me with their tireless, unflagging passion for the medium.

While I’ve been listening to podcasts and following the technology’s uber fast paced evolution, I’m now considering ways to integrate it into a communications plan. Based on target audience and strategy, it can be a very effective communications channel. There are plenty of ways podcasts might be implemented.

Here are just 20 examples. This list is based on a smart (beverage focused) post from Influx on ways branded podcasts might be used to engage customers.

1. Airlines: Travel and destination guides

2. Apparel/Retail: Behind the scenes at fashion shows, interviews with models and designers, guide to the season

3. Automotive: Test drives of new models with team drivers, interviews with designers, race reports from behind the scenes NASCAR, F1, rally

4. Beverage Stores: Festive reviews of selected wines, spirits and beers

5. Financial Services: Retirement guides, investing tips, planning for college education

7. Golf Equipment: Guides to courses, interviews with sponsored athletes

8. Grocery Stores: Interviews and recipes from well known chefs

9. Health Insurers: Wellness tips, meditation guides, nutrition guides

10. Home Improvement Stores: Step by step guides to home improvement

11. Hotels: Destination guides, jogging routes, music to jog to, walking tours of cities

12. Micro Brews: Interviews with the brew master

13. Movie Studios: Interviews with actors or directors, movie making production diaries 14. Sportswear: Interviews with sponsored athletes, event diaries (Olympics, World Cup), and interviews with designers, fitness and training tips

15. Travel and Tourism: Guides to destinations, travel tips

16. Vineyards: Interviews with wine makers

17. Whisky Makers: Interviews with the makers, tours of the distilleries

18. Video Games Interviews with game designers, production diaries

19. Higher Education: In a recent show, Shel mentions how Duke University uses podcasts to communicate with incoming students and provide them with lectures. Duke University is one of many schools podcasting.

20. Investor Relations: Consider how many earnings webcasts are out there. Consider how much more cost effective a podcast can be. A podcast also gives the listener several options on how/when/where they listen to it. Shel also mentioned this in his recent presentation about two seconds after I also considered the idea.